[Deskbar] The Cuemiac

The Cuemiac is really comming together... I've attached the work so far.
Please not the "Known issues" at the top of the file.

Screenie is here: http://www.daimi.au.dk/~kamstrup/cuemiac-hsep.png

# Known issues
# - number of nested results not indicated
# - expander should expand on clicking anywhere in the row
# - expander should be indented
# - it's possible to highligt category separator rows
# - depends on a png-file to draw the underlines of
#   the category labels. 

from os.path import join
import cgi
import sys

import gtk, gobject
import gnome
import gnome.ui

from gettext import gettext as _

icon_theme = gtk.icon_theme_get_default()
factory = gnome.ui.ThumbnailFactory(16)

def load_icon(icon_name):
	return icon_theme.load_icon(icon_name, 16, gtk.ICON_LOOKUP_USE_BUILTIN)

class Match:
	def __init__(self, name, category, icon_name=None):
		self._priority = 0
		self._name = name
		self._category = category
		if icon_name:
			self._icon = load_icon (icon_name)
			self._icon = None

	def get_category (self):
		return self._category
	def get_name(self, text=None):
		return {"name": self._name}
	def get_verb(self):
		return "%(name)s"
	def get_priority(self):
		return self._priority
	def get_icon(self):
		return self._icon
	def action(self, text=None):
		print "Activation:", self.get_verb()

class NestedMatch (Match):
	def __init__(self, category_name):
		self.__nest_msg = _(category_name)
		Match.__init__ (self, None, category_name)
	def get_verb (self):
		return "<u><i>"+self.__nest_msg+"</i></u>"

class SeparatorMatch (Match):
	def __init__(self):
		Match.__init__ (self, None, "")
	def get_verb (self):
		return ""

class UnknownCategory (Exception):
	def __init__ (self, category_name, match):
		print "Unknown Category '%s' requested by %s" % (category_name, match.__class__)

	"Files"		: {	
				"nest": "more files", 
				"threshold": 3
	"Actions"	: {
				"nest": "more actions", 
				"threshold": 1
	"News"		: {
				"nest": "more news", 
				"threshold": 3

class CuemiacModel (gtk.TreeStore):

	# Column name

	def __init__ (self, category_infos):
		category_infos is a dict containing (case-sensitive) category names,
		with corresponding category information dicts.
		The category information dicts must contain the follwing key-value pairs:
			"nest" : what string to display for nested results (str)
			"threshold" : how many results before we start nesting them (int)
		The categories supplied in this dict are the only ones that Cuemiac model
		will allow. Request for other categories raise a UnknownCategory exception.
		gtk.TreeStore.__init__ (self, 
					gobject.TYPE_PYOBJECT)	# Match object
		self.infos = category_infos
		self.categories = {} 	# a dict containing 
					#   {name : (name, gtk.TreeRowReference, gtk.TreeRowReference, count, threshold))
					# where the tuple contains
					#   (category_name, first_entry, nested_entry, total_num_hits, hits_before_hide)
					# for each category
		self.count = 0
	def append (self, match):
		Appends the match to the category returned by match.get_category().
		Automatically creates a new category for the match if necesary.
		if self.categories.has_key (match.get_category()):
			self.__append_to_category (match, self.categories [match.get_category()])
			self.create_category_with_match (match)
		self.count = self.count + 1
	def __append_to_category (self, match, category):
		cat_name, first, nest, count, threshold = category
		if count < threshold:
			pos = self.__get_row_ref_position (first)
			self.insert (None, pos+count, [match])
			self.categories[cat_name] = (cat_name, first, nest, count + 1, threshold)
		elif count == threshold:
			# We need to nest the rest of the matches,
			# so append a NestedMatch to the list
			nmatch = NestedMatch (self.infos[cat_name]["nest"])
			pos = self.__get_row_ref_position (first)
			iter = self.insert (None, pos+count, [nmatch])
			# Create a ref to the nested match entry
			nest = gtk.TreeRowReference (self, self.get_path(iter))
			# Now append the match nested in the NestedMatch
			gtk.TreeStore.append (self, iter, [match])
			self.categories[cat_name] = (cat_name, first, nest, count + 1, threshold)
			# Append nested
			iter = self.get_iter ( nest.get_path() )
			gtk.TreeStore.append (self, iter, [match])
			# FIXME We should show a count in the nested match
			self.categories[cat_name] = (cat_name, first, nest, count + 1, threshold)
	def create_category_with_match (self, match):
		cat_name = match.get_category ()
		if not self.infos.has_key (cat_name):
			raise UnknownCategory(cat_name, match)
		iter = gtk.TreeStore.append (self, None, [match])
		gtk.TreeStore.append (self, None, [SeparatorMatch()])
		first = gtk.TreeRowReference (self, self.get_path(iter))
		# Add the new category to our category list
		self.categories [cat_name] = (cat_name, first, None, 
						1, self.infos[cat_name]["threshold"])

	def clear (self):
		gtk.TreeStore.clear (self)
		self.categories = {}
		self.count = 0

	def __get_row_ref_position (self, row_ref):
		return int (self.get_string_from_iter (self.get_iter(row_ref.get_path())))
	def set_category_threshold (self, cat_name, threshold):
		cat_name, first, nest, count, old_thres = self.categories[cat_name]
		self.categories[cat_name] = (cat_name, first, nest, count, threshold)

class CuemiacTreeView (gtk.TreeView):
	Shows a DeskbarCategoryModel.
	def __init__ (self, cuemiac_model):
		gtk.TreeView.__init__ (self, cuemiac_model)
		self.set_property ("headers-visible", False) # False
		self.set_property ("hover-selection", True)
		hits = gtk.TreeViewColumn ("Hits")
		hit_icon = gtk.CellRendererPixbuf ()
		hit_title = gtk.CellRendererText ()
		hits.pack_start (hit_icon, False)
		hits.pack_start (hit_title)
		hits.set_cell_data_func(hit_icon, self.__get_match_icon_for_cell)
		hits.set_cell_data_func(hit_title, self.__get_match_title_for_cell)
		self.append_column (hits)
	def __get_match_icon_for_cell (self, column, cell, model, iter, data=None):
		icon = model[iter][model.MATCHES].get_icon()
		cell.set_property ("pixbuf", icon)
	def __get_match_title_for_cell (self, column, cell, model, iter, data=None):

		match = model[iter][model.MATCHES]

		t = "cuemiac"
		# Pass unescaped query to the matches
		verbs = {"text" : t}
		# Escape the query now for display
		verbs["text"] = cgi.escape(verbs["text"])
		cell.set_property ("markup", match.get_verb () % verbs)

	def clear (self):
		self.model.clear ()

class CuemiacWidget (gtk.HBox):
	The Cuemiac. Nothing more to say.

	def __init__ (self, cuemiac_model, cuemiac_treeview):
		gtk.HBox.__init__ (self)
		self.layout = gtk.Fixed ()
		self.layout.set_border_width (6)
		self.pack_start(self.layout, expand=False)
		self.model = cuemiac_model
		self.view = cuemiac_treeview
		self.cat_labels = {}
		self.pack_start(self.view, expand=True)
		self.view.connect_after ("size-allocate", self.align_category_labels)
	def append (self, match):
		Automagically append a match or list of matches 
		to correct category(s), or create a new one(s) if needed.
		if type (match) == list:
			for hit in match:
				self.__append (hit)
			self.__append (match)
	def __append (self, match):
		Appends a single match to the correct category,
		or creates a new category for it if needeed.
		self.model.append (match)
	def get_label_for_category (self, cat_name):
		# Check if we have a label for this category
		# if we have return it, otherwise create a new one
		if self.cat_labels.has_key (cat_name):
			return self.cat_labels [cat_name]
			vbox = gtk.VBox ()
			hbox = gtk.HBox ()
			sep = gtk.Image()
			sep.set_from_file ("hbar.png")			
			label = gtk.Label ()
			label.set_markup ("<b>"+cat_name+"</b>")
			hbox.pack_end (label, False)
			vbox.pack_start (sep)
			self.cat_labels [cat_name] = vbox
			return vbox
	def align_category_labels (self, sender, allocation):
		if self.view.window is None:
		column = self.view.get_column(0)
		for category in self.model.categories.itervalues ():
			cat_name, first, nest, count, threshold = category
			path = first.get_path()
			area = self.view.get_background_area(path, column)
			x,y = self.view.tree_to_widget_coords(area.x, area.y)
			label = self.get_label_for_category (cat_name)
			if label.parent:
				self.layout.move(label, 0, y - self.view.style_get_property("vertical-separator"))
				self.layout.put(label, 0, y - self.view.style_get_property("vertical-separator"))
	def clear (self):
		self.model.clear ()

if __name__ == "__main__":
	import random
	random.seed ()
	print "Cuemiac test"
	m1 = Match ("Ground breaking application for the free desktop", "News", "stock_news")
	m2 = Match ("Steve Jobs put bounty on free software developers' heads", "News", "stock_news")
	m3 = Match ("cumemiac.py", "Files", "stock_new")
	m4 = Match ("Next Gen Usability.odt", "Files", "stock_new")
	m5 = Match ("Cuemiac-devel", "Files", "stock_new")
	m6 = Match ("Cuemiac.pyo", "Files", "stock_new")
	m7 = Match ("ChangeLog", "Files", "stock_new")
	m8 = Match ("Cuemiac Mockup.svg", "Files", "stock_new")
	m9 = Match ("Look up word: <i>cuemiac</i>", "Actions", "gdict")
	m10 = Match ("Search google for: <i>cuemiac</i>", "Actions", "gnome-globe")
	# Shufle the list a bit to check if we categories result properly...
	matches = [m5, m2, m3, m10, m1, m6, m7, m8, m9, m4]
	cmodel = CuemiacModel (CATEGORIES)
	cview = CuemiacTreeView (cmodel)
	cuemiac = CuemiacWidget (cmodel, cview)
	window = gtk.Window()
	window.connect ("destroy", gtk.main_quit)
	window.add (cuemiac)

	for m in matches:
		gobject.timeout_add (random.randint (0, 4000), lambda x: cuemiac.append (x), m)

	gtk.main ()

Attachment: hbar.png
Description: PNG image

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