Re: Suggestion and request for enhancement

On Wed, Jun 3, 2020, at 14:41, John via deja-dup-list wrote:
I would like to see a comment file produced when the backup is created. It should not be overwritten but instead appended to for for subsequent associated backups. It should contain:
1) The exact duplicity command that is executed.
2) A comment field that is optionally filled out when it is run each time such that the user could include anything that would be of importance related to the backup such as "First backup with Version xxx" or "Folder yyy deleted after backup" or "BleachBit run prior to backup" or similar comments.

Some sort of internal log that could be sent in as part of a bug report has been an idea I've considered before. One problem is the size of the thing for large backups (duplicity on high verbosity -- which would be the useful sort for debugging -- can be quite noisy) and scrubbing any sensitive info off of it.  (Though your suggestion seems more aimed at reviewing one's own history, rather than sending the log anywhere, I guess.)

But I'm less keen on a comment field that a user has access to. In the ideal state, most/all backups are just quietly done in the background.

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