Re: One drive; backups for two computers

When you set up an external drive, deja-dup defaults to putting its files into a folder on the drive named 
after the computer that's being backed up. That way, files from multiple computers are separated. 

Assuming that's what you did, you can just delete the folder named after your old laptop.

If that's not what you did, do you remember which folders you backed up to on the drive?


On Sat, Apr 14, 2018, at 09:53, Leslie Katz wrote:
I had a laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 and used deja dup to back up to an 
external drive.

I got a new laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 and began to use deja dup to 
back up to the same external drive.

The external drive is now getting full and I'd like to delete the files 
and folders that relate to the backups for the old laptop.

I don't know, however, which files and folders relate to the backups for 
the old laptop and which relate to the backups for the new laptop.

If anyone could tell me how to decide which files and folders I can 
safely delete, I'd be very grateful.

Thank you,



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