Re: "Bad file descriptor" error when restoring file

Le 13/07/2017 à 15:27, Michael Terry a écrit :
Sorry you're having problems!  :(  Let's see if we can help.

The first thing I'd try is a different command line.  Deja Dup passes
some special stuff to duplicity because it sets things up a certain way.
 You probably want a stripped down version:

duplicity restore --gio --time=2017-07-06T08:14:08Z --force
file:///home/pierre/data/backup_pierre /

Try that?

Thanks for your answer. I solved my problem by removing the
"--log-fd=22". Then the duplicity restore command works.

It seems to me that there is a grave issue: Deja-dup adds some options
that prevents the same software to restore file. The target users base
of Deja-dup is people who want intuitive and easy backup. How many would
use duplicity command line to restore their documents?

I could be misinformed (why this --log-fd=22 option?) but, for me, this
is very bad publicity for deja-dup. I am configuring a backup system
with duplicity only and will not recommend the use of deja-dup.


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