Our view regarding forks of Nautilus and Déjà Dup

Hello everyone!

The community discussed in the context of the bug >>deja-dup refers to "Files" instead of "Caja"<< (see 
https://bugs.launchpad.net/deja-dup/+bug/1657092) if Déjà Dup should be changed to reflect renaming or forks 
of Nautilus in certain distributions/flavours.

Nathanaël raised the legit concern, that strings like "compatible file manager" are less user friendly than 
our current state.

So here are two questions regarding this:

1. Do we even officially support forks of Nautilus (like Caja)?

2. If so: Are we willing to choose more complex strings (and risk them to be untranslated for a while) to 
move away from our nautilus centered naming scheme?

Best Regards


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