Re: Our view regarding forks of Nautilus and Déjà Dup

Hello Vej!

In reality, we only really support what we can easily handle. 
Officially, we've always targeted both GNOME and whatever Ubuntu's UI
happens to be (used to be simply GNOME, but has diverged a bit).

I'd prefer to keep tight integration and avoid supporting every
environment under the sun (per our mission statement [1]).  But where
it's easy to support another desktop environment, I don't mind.

If it's a simple "if getenv(AM_IN_MATE) == 1, then Caja else Files", I
think that's trivial enough to merge.  But I'd prefer to avoid a
slippery slope of more and more integration points.

Seem reasonable?



On Tue, Feb 21, 2017, at 06:09, Vej wrote:
Hello everyone!

The community discussed in the context of the bug >>deja-dup refers to
"Files" instead of "Caja"<< (see if Déjà Dup should be
changed to reflect renaming or forks of Nautilus in certain

Nathanaël raised the legit concern, that strings like "compatible file
manager" are less user friendly than our current state.

So here are two questions regarding this:

1. Do we even officially support forks of Nautilus (like Caja)?

2. If so: Are we willing to choose more complex strings (and risk them to
be untranslated for a while) to move away from our nautilus centered
naming scheme?

Best Regards


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