Re: New feature: flexible backup periods

Hello!  Thanks for the work, and sorry for the slow response.  I don't
put much time into deja-dup these days.

First off, the diff looks reasonable from a quick scan.  Didn't do an
in-depth review.

But backup periods measured in hours seems very short.  It would cause
there to be a *lot* of incremental backups.  Upstream duplicity does not
recommend enormous chains of incremental backups (I think on grounds of
backup fragility?), so that gives me pause.

If a user's use case is needing a more industrial backup solution, my
typical response is "you've outgrown deja-dup" rather than trying to
upscale deja-dup to meet more advanced needs.  So my gut reaction is to
say "no" to all new feature requests.  Which does not mean I'm saying no
to this, but am certainly approaching it cautiously.  :)

On Tue, Jan 31, 2017, at 04:29, Brian Smith wrote:

Over the weekend I came across deja-dup and found that I really wanted
to do backups every 3 hours. So, I built the feature. It was a
relatively easy change (aside from learning gtk and vala), so I didn't
reach out beforehand.

The branch is

I'm hoping that I can work with everyone to improve the code to the
point that it can be merged.

Thanks in advance!

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