Re: Is beagle completely dead now?

I don't think anybody is actively working on beagle, but I wouldn't
call it dead.  It's still used by many people, and we're at least
keeping it runnable -- eg we had an update to adapt to new Mono.Sqlite
APIs upstream.  Feel free to work on it!


On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 6:53 AM, Johannes Rohr <jorohr gmail com> wrote:
> Dear beagle hackers,
> since the mailing list is inactive I fear that beagle is now ultimately
> abandoned. Is this the case? If so, this really makes me sad.
> I have been using beagle daily for a number of years and I still find that
> there is no better desktop search available on Linux.
> Tracker is a disappointment. It supports very few data sources, is a cpu and
> memory hog, it is buggy, and its search results are very poor in quality,
> and I don't really see it making progress either.
> I got so used to beagle for quickly finding e-mail and files that I was
> saddened to see that Debian completely removed it from the archives, because
> development has stopped. Isn't there anyone anywhere willing to take over?
> There has been so much effort invested into beagle. In the end it was really
> stable, reliable and usable, that just letting it rot is such a wasteful
> thing to do...
> Thanks,
> Johannes
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