Re: Creating New Filter

> In a sense, yes. What I want to be able to do is use a query like
> 'LIKE image1.jpg' and Beagle will return all images within a certain
> distance of image1.jpg. pHash uses its own database organized as a

Then you want to implement an IQueryable that parses the query, looks
for "LIKE:xxx" query clauses and creates results using its own
database. Just one caveat: beagle query syntax allows boolean AND, OR,
grouping and several others things - and your IQueryable will not be
able to deal with these queries. That is, your IQueryable will not be
able to meaningfully support "abcd LIKE:1234" (meaning: files with
abcd in it and similar to 1234); it can handle "LIKE:1234" queries
safely. Of course, the IQueryable can flat refuse to serve any query
not of the form "LIKE:xyz".

There would be another issue of getting results from multiple backends
- its not clearly defined what happens in this case. So if you have
the files backend enabled, then you will have results from both the
files backend and your iqueryable and results from your iqueryable
might get replaced by the files backend results. There might have been
some way you could override this ... but I don't remember any details

- dBera

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