Re: Creating New Filter

> I am having trouble getting my Beagle filter to work. I have placed it
> in the correct location but when running beagle-extract-content it
> reports that 0 filters were loaded from my extension.

(1) the localtion was incorrect
(2) the mimetype or extension are not correctly reported

You can figure what is going wrong by carefully looking at
(1) external-filter.xml file
(2) output of beagle-extract-content
(3) output of beagle-info --list-filters (or whatever is the right
command to list all the filters)

> I also have several additional questions:
> 1) Can custom indexing methods be created? I want to use my own
> database/tree to store a perceptual hash of a media file to allow
> similarity searching of media files. In order to efficiently search
> for similar files, we are using a specially built tree.

No. If you want to store your own indexing data, then why would you
need beagle ?

> 1) Are filters able to be chained? I am creating an image filter and
> only want to create the perceptual hash from it but would like any
> other image filters installed to also run on the file.

Yes only if you are willing to write C# code. E.g. lot of our image
filters are extended from other simpler image formats by subclassing
from the generic image classes. You can do the same; but there is no
way to do this outside of C#. This is by design.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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