Re: Creating New Filter

> With that said, it seems like we could create our own backend that is
> just an IQueryable that merely traverses a directory and creates our
> own index. Then anytime a file is being searched for with the correct
> query syntax, we can consult our index and return the correct results.
> However, our index is specific to the media file type, e.g. all audio
> files go into one index, images in another but it seems like the
> backend should not care about the file type, so I'm not sure if this
> is the correct approach or not.

I am still not sure what you want. Do you want to augment the search
functionality so that users can *also* get similar files ? Or do you
want to return the list of similar files when a user search matches a
particular media file e.g. if I search "joe satriani", it gives me
media which are tagged with joe-s. and similar ones.

Think about the different components in this way:
- IQueryable - only for querying - if you want to do extra things only
during a query
- Backend - the full hammer - if you want to do everything your way
- Filter - only for data to store in the index - if you want to add
extra things in the index (both queryable information or non-queryable

Keep in mind the fact that, you can store additional information in
the index for each file which you can use during querying to do extra

But I am not sure of your exact intention about pHash and beagle.

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