Re: Null snippets

> There is a SnippetMode, but alas it's already set to true. However, in
> FilterMail.cs I found
>                             // If this is the richest part we found for
> multipart emails, add its content to textcache
>                             if (this.depth == 1 && this.count == 0)
>                                 child.CacheContent = true;
>                             else
>                                 child.CacheContent = false;
> If I make child.CacheContent unconditionally true (and then re-index of
> course) the results are just what I want for attachments. Snippet is still
> null for phrase searches but perhaps that's inevitable? I'm ok with my
> hacked solution, but a command-line option to turn this on would be really
> nice! Or does the logic need re-visiting?

Some of the beagle hackers has HUGE volumes of emails which was the
main motivation behind disabling snippets for emails :-). Snippets
requires caching the data which basically means a lot of storage.
Later the main email body was cached but attachments were left out ...
again fearing space problem.
So setting  "child.CacheContent = true" is ok.

I propose a Config option to enable snippets for emails (and warn
about the storage in the settings GUI) and turn on/off snippets for
emails (attachment included). Hopefully not too late on this one ....

- dBera

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