Null snippets

Hi dBera & list,

Many thanks for your attention to my problem of uri's with spaces. On another little matter ...

I notice that the snippet feature seems a bit fragile - that is, it returns null under various circumstances, even though the content is correctly found. The circumstances include (as far as I can see) any child indexable such as a mail attachment, some mail (but not all), and also any phrase search. Snippets for mail attachments would be particularly useful! Is this a known problem?

Cheers, Roger

D Bera wrote:
Thanks for your advice, but regrettably it just doesn't work: Total hits: 0.
So is this a bug? (I haven't actually found any documentation on what should

Can someone tell me how to use beagle-query with the search-term being a
uri: with spaces (or other funny characters) in it? For example,
beagle-query actually returns a hit like
"file:///var/SDRFiles/COMMON/Suppliers/MCS/Price List.xls" - and I want pass
this back again to beagle-query as a uri: query. Tried many combinations of
" and \ and %20 but not getting anywhere!

(If you want to know why, it's because I'm using PHP on a web server to exec
beagle-query and display simple results, and I'd like a more detailed look
at the results in some cases. I get the feeling this approach is deprecated,
but it's starting to work well for indexing the server. Beagle is great!)

Escaping as %20 (and similar hex encoding for other characters) should work.
For the web-server you can try the web-interface approach. Some people
with similar requirements found the web-interface useful.

Double fault!
I was wrong about escaping and there is an extra bug.

I will try to get a patch ready in a few days.

- dBera


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