Re: case-sensitivity in searches?

> When I disable the Locate backend, beagle-query exits after ~19s; otherwise
> it takes ages, even when I use source:Files.

Hmm... I will remember to check up on this.

> Debug: Parsed query 'source:Files' as prop query:key=beagle:Source,
> value=Files and property type=Keyword
> Debug: Parsed query 'filename:reconnaissance' as OR of 2 queries:
> Debug:  :key=beagle:NoPunctFilename, value=reconnaissance and property
> type=Text
> Debug:  :key=beagle:SplitFilename, value=reconnaissance and property
> type=Text
> Error: LocateDriver can only search for text and does not support 'OR',
> 'NOT' queries.
> I thought that the operator "AND" would be used implicitly - and not OR as
> mentioned in the quotation (in the wiki it says "To indicate that the word A
> or word B be in results, use OR"). But perhaps only the debugging output is
> wrong on this one.

filename:abc becomes an OR query - either the fullname is abc or abc
is one of the words in the fullname (or something like this ... think
of filenames with underscores, spaces etc.).

You are right otherwise, your query becomes "source:files AND filename:..."

> Furthermore I don't understand the error from the LocateDriver, since I
> explicitly searched in the "Files" backend. There are no results from
> "Locate", but I'm wondering whether the other backends are searched as well,
> but only filtered from the result list?

No ... the Locate driver or other drivers are not searched at all if
source:xxx is explicitly mentioned. But the query first needs to be
sent to all the backends for technical reasons, and it is then you see
this error output. It is normal behaviour.

I don't fully remember, but if Locate and Files backend return the
same results (i.e. both return results from your home dir), then there
might be some problem.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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