Re: case-sensitivity in searches?

Hi dBera,

--On Monday, February 16, 2009 09:25:44 PM -0500 D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:

As you figured out this has to do with the Locate backend. You can run
beagle-query with argument "source:Files" to only search the
filesystem backend. I wonder why the filesystem backend did not return
results from your home directory.

After restarting beagled (and waiting a bit), there's now results with source:Files as well.

There is a possibility that something criticial crashed on the beagled
side - which is preventing the filesystem backend from responding -
which could cause both the above behaviours. You can send SIGUSR1 to
beagled to turn on its debug output (oh wait ... ubuntu probably
disables the debugging at build time - you can try to run beagled with
"--debug" to see if you get any useful information).

When I disable the Locate backend, beagle-query exits after ~19s; otherwise it takes ages, even when I use source:Files.

But (slightly OT) I'm wondering why the following query

$ /usr/bin/time beagle-query source:Files filename:reconnaissance --verbose

gives this debugging output

Debug: Parsed query 'source:Files' as prop query:key=beagle:Source, value=Files and property type=Keyword
Debug: Parsed query 'filename:reconnaissance' as OR of 2 queries:
Debug: :key=beagle:NoPunctFilename, value=reconnaissance and property type=Text Debug: :key=beagle:SplitFilename, value=reconnaissance and property type=Text Error: LocateDriver can only search for text and does not support 'OR', 'NOT' queries.

I thought that the operator "AND" would be used implicitly - and not OR as mentioned in the quotation (in the wiki it says "To indicate that the word A or word B be in results, use OR"). But perhaps only the debugging output is wrong on this one. Furthermore I don't understand the error from the LocateDriver, since I explicitly searched in the "Files" backend. There are no results from "Locate", but I'm wondering whether the other backends are searched as well, but only filtered from the result list?

Oh, and I'm subscribed to dashboard-hackers, so I receive answers to the list :)

Thanks and greetings,


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