Re: Playing with Beagle webinterface: "XML Parsing Error..."

D Bera, in data 10/13/2008 01:02 AM, ha scritto:

> I am not sure I understand what all is going on.

Hi Debajyoti,

Just a newbie trying some "learning by doing"! :-)

> But as a caution, copying files to a different location and
> creating new files will not always work (security related
> precaution). To use files from a different location, start
> beagled with the environment variable BEAGLE_WEBSERVER_DIR (*)
> set to the directory; then beagled will serve pages from the new
> directory.

Thanks a lot! I'll try this.

> Accessing a new file e.g. http://localhost:4000/foobar.xml is a 
> different story altogether and will not work without adding a
> line to the source :-(

Ouch! No way I'm going anywhere near the source. I hope I'll be able
to do something playing with the contents of ./webinterface.

Thanks again!



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