Re: Cancelled Task?

On Thu, 2008-10-02 at 16:22 -0400, D Bera wrote: 
> Sorry, I missed your reply.

I think the gnome list server was gummed up.  My own followup took
forever to post.

> Are the files 0-sized by any chance ?


> Are queries returning results from these logs ?

Indeed, yes.

So I was just about to go USR1 beagled and I found I have a number of
them running: 

brian     4226     1  0 13:23 ?        00:00:52 beagled /usr/lib/beagle/BeagleDaemon.exe --bg
brian     5848     1  1 13:33 ?        00:02:28 beagled /usr/lib/beagle/BeagleDaemon.exe --bg
brian     8979     1  0 Sep27 ?        00:03:30 beagled /usr/lib/beagle/BeagleDaemon.exe --bg
brian    20487     1  0 Sep28 ?        00:00:13 beagled /usr/lib/beagle/BeagleDaemon.exe --bg
brian    20611     1  0 Sep28 ?        00:02:59 beagled /usr/lib/beagle/BeagleDaemon.exe --bg
brian    22606     1  2 Sep28 pts/3    03:03:59 beagled /usr/lib/beagle/BeagleDaemon.exe --bg

I have been stop/starting the service via the beagle-search application.
I suspect that is not working correctly.

In any case, USR1ing beagled has not yielded anything useful I'm afraid.
Is there an easy way to run the helper on a single file manually to see
what it does?


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