Beagle on encrypted partitions yeilds horrible system performance

I am hitting kind of a nasty performance problem, my current test setup is a two disk mdraid RAID0 setup with lvm ontop of a dmcrypt, all partitions beagle touches are ext4. Now every time beagle 0.3.4 indexes a folder, the entire system becomes near non responsive, typing yeilds detection of multiple key presses and kcryptd and beagle-helper are combined using 100% CPU (in about a 80/20 split with beagle being the 20%).

I understand that there is to be a certain degree of overhead but this seems excessive. So in the interest of serving my users I was wondering if there was anything to do to lessen the impact, I am planning to propose Beagle be turned on again by default in F10 (I was sadly to late to propose the feature for F9 but I can get all the prep work done for F10 with certainty). As Fedora now proposes encryption by default as of F9 during install, this would be a spanner in the works for enabling beagle provided the impact can't be lessened.

- David

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