Re: ANNOUNCE: Beagle & Libbeagle 0.3.4

Hi dBera,

> Your data will automatically re-indexed ...
this behaviour should be reconsidered, since it exposes these two
1) (I think) the indices are dropped comletely on starting the new
beagle version, so until everything is re-indexed, I cannot find many
resources, though the old lucene documents may still be found by the
system and therefore may provide relevant results.
2) (I think) I will loose all web pages that I ever visited, until I
revist them, which I will not do when I can't remember them. So finding
web pages I visited once which I did not deem important enough to
memorize the location is a very good thing Beagle can do for me.

A solution I could imagine is not to drop the index, but to schedule all
resources to be updated, und replace the lucene documents with the new
indexed one. This would mean that the new beagle version must be able to
find and display the old lucene documents. In case of the webpages,
those lucene documents will be updated when I visit the page again. When
I never visit it, the old index entry will remain and ensures that the
page will still be found.

An alternative could be to reindex all webpages by re-fetching them, but
this would imply some privacy and perfomance issues. I wouldn't
recommend this.


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