Re: image search with path data

> The path to a image collection often teels a lot about the images in a
> folder. We could add this information in the EXIF comment of each image -
> but I do not like redundant text for each image when the information
> already is in the file path. E.g:
>    /home/xxx/images/2007/barbeque/Brother and mother.JPG
> A searching for: barbeque mother

Yes agreed and no, beagle does not search the query term in the path. This is 
due to a technical limitation (*).
With 0.3.3 (IIRC), you can use a limited feature by using "inuri:barbeque 
mother" which will match the file above; however, the inuri only works with 
the current directory and not any directory above.

While most people use the path information to categorize data, such 
information gets lost when files are moved (directory reorganization, email 
or upload a file etc.). Using embedded metadata seems to be a better solution 
in these current times. This is just my personal opinion.

- dBera

(*) For those who know, Joe has often mentioned this in the past. This is due 
to a design decision which optimized the file system backend to be robust 
against moves and renames in the filesystem but made path searching 
impossible. Fixing this will require something close to rewriting major parts 
of the file system backend.

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE / Mandriva / Inspiron-1100

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