Re: administering directory exclusions for beagle

Follow-up and summary - it appears that beagle must check for a number of files in ~/.beagle/config  before overwriting/clearing the directory (please note - this is an assumption only). 

As it turns out I configured the indexing exclusion and copied daemon.xml, indexing.xml and searching.xml into the config directory and this time it worked - i.e. the exclusion remained when a new user logged in.

It appears that when I asked my team member to test using /etc/skel/.beagle/config, he only included indexing.xml in /etc/skel/.beagle/config and this was overwritten.

Thanks for your input.


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>>> Debajyoti Bera <dbera web gmail com> 30/07/2008 1:33 pm >>>
> Unfortunately it looks like its 0.2.x and that's SLED10-SP2.
> Any idea why the files from /etc/skel are over written or deleted?

Nothing comes to my mind. Are you sure the location, name and the structure of 
the file is correct ? I dont remember the details of the 0.2.x series but I 
would suggest running the beagle-config as a user and then copying the 
generated file. Also, if the user homedirectories are not on a network 
filesystem, try running beagled with BEAGLE_SYNCHRONIZE_LOCALLY=1 set. If 
$HOME/.beagle is not a local fs, then beagled tries some things which could 
have removed the file.

- dBera

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