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On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 11:43 AM, Max Wiehle <max wiehle gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> As most of you might now there will be a desktop search hackfest in
> Berlin organized by Nokia at the Maemo summit. ( see
> )
Yay! Glad others are noticing!
> I am thinking about joining in order to help hacking on the beagle side
> of things. So far it looks like Kevin is the only one joining for
> beagle. Are there any thoughts on the concrete coding tasks proposed on
> the wiki - what should we focus on etc?
Not much, I have a few thoughts though. I wanted to focus on the following:
1) Beagle-Xeasm work, we will have almost everyone involved in this
spec available too us, so lets work on getting our compatibility 100%
2) Gnome-Do plugin. I want a solid beagle plugin for Gnome-Do, should
be a super-quick codeup
3) Dashboard. I have a million and one ideas working for this, but the
core of it would hopefully be getting some unified means of generating
clue packets/context. I am thinking that utilizing screenreader api's
to get working windows/text could be very helpful here.
4) Beagle Client Optimization. We still do the whole XML serializing
and deserializing thing... Look into Dbus/Protocol Buffers to increase

Prioritization of these tasks obviously depend upon what everyone here
thinks/input at the hackfest.
> Kevin, would it be okay with you if i join you there? I haven't been
> involved much lately - just a little with beagle++ - but i think i still
> know at least a part of the codebase and i could help a bit. I might
> have a look at the xesam adapter before hand because it looks like that
> is something we will be working on quite a bit.
Absolutely, it would be great to have more Beagle voices present in
the discussions, as well as those willing to help code. As I mentioned
above, those are the closest things to my tasks, but I am very open to
more ideas!
> Cheers,
>  Max
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