Re: beagle webinterface

Hi Blackhold,

> I'm really interested on beagle's webinterface, I'm a systems admin
> looking for a tool that allows to search into pdf, odf, doc, xls files
> uploaded into a webserver.

Beagle will work but could be an overkill. There are other standard
solutions (e.g. htdig based) that could be used to achieve this.
Another shortcoming of beagle webinterface is the lack of any kind of
security - any user that can access the machine over internet can
search/retrieve the files. No support of user authentication is built
in - it was planned but never happened. I just wanted to clear the
picture before you start using it.

> for example, the main use of beagle's webinterface will be a computer
> that have all files and shares them on a webserver (we gonna use
> apache directory lister to list all files in their directorys) and
> beagle will be the search engine, beagle's webinterface allows to
> share the search to other computers, but the links are
> file:///root/folders/file then users never will be able to download
> and see the files, so that it should use http:// and all files may be
> uploaded on /var/www to could download them.

This feature was initially there - to be able to download result
documents remotely. But it is currently disabled since the way it
ensured authenticated file transfer was not quite correct.

> I have taken a look into xml and xsl files from
> /usr/share/beagle/webinterface dir, but I'm not able how to make this
> little hack.

Take a look at hitresult.xsl and find this code:
<a target="_blank" href="{ Uri}">
Change it to
<a target="_blank" href="javascript:openhit(\"{ Uri}\")">

and then create a javascript function openhit(url) in default.js that
takes the raw URL returned by beagle and change it to whatever you
like and then use javascript to open a new document with the modified

> I'm a translator, and my way to thanks your help is translating the project.
> could you help me and I translate this part of project into spanish and catalan?

I appreciate the help. There is a small problem though :P. I dont
quite know how to make the webinterface translatable. Anyone who has
experience with translatable webapps may please post suggestions. The
whole interface works by applying XSLT transformation on a base XML
file and data is fed using AJAX. The actions are handled by JS and
styling by CSS. So I think all the translatable 'strings' are in the
XML and XSL file and some are generated by javascript. The easiest
solution is to create translated xml, xsl files but I dont know of any
other way.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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