Re: Missing entries

Am Donnerstag, den 10.07.2008, 13:24 -0400 schrieb D Bera:
> What is surprising is that the limit is 100! So there is no sense in
> saying "first 67" of 212 hits. And the above list has exactly 101
> entries (in case you printed the exact output). So maybe you were
> unlucky and the file you were looking for was the 101st one (beagle
> orders the file by last modified date). You can verify this by playing
> with "--max-hits" e.g. --max-hits 101 should show the file but
> --max-hits 100 would not. --max-hits is default 100.

This can not be the whole story, since I had 2 file
Endocrinol_139_437_Chrousos.pdf missing ?!;-)

I can wait till the new version shows up in the depository and retry!

Thanks for your help and time!

Bernhard Kleine
Lenzkirch (Black Forest)
bernhard kleine gmx net
Author von "Hormone und Hormonsystem"

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