Re: Qt GUI for beagle-settings


> One question though, wouldn't it be better to separate the UI stuff out
> of the main Beagle package? That way Beagle would just provide the
> daemon/client libraries - and we could have beagle-search for GTK and
> Beagle UI for KDE (whatever that is called) as individual modules.

Quick comment: I am not doing any(-more) KDE UI for beagle. I did
beagle-settings-qt to try out Qyoto :) and because libbeagle does not
have any API for dealing with the new beagle-config. If anyone wants
to write one, feel free.

That aside, I dont see any problem nor any advantage in separating out
the UI code from the rest. The source contains both but the build
system is separate to generate separate files for the gui and the
core+libs. In fact, several distros provide a separate beagle-gui

The separation would mean 4 releasable packages ... beagle-core,
beagle-gtk-ui, libbeagle, beagle-xesam. Ouch! On second thoughts, the
separation will just make releases more messy. And on a third thought,
the GUI code does not see changes that often and need not be released
everytime beagle-core+libs is released.

> This would save us from using a lot of hacks that we currently have to
> use.

What are you referring to here ?

- dBera

PS: My personal vote ... +1. Who needs the Gtk GUI when we have the
beagle-query (long live command line) and the webinterface ;-).

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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