Re: Qt GUI for beagle-settings


First thing first - excellent work! 

One question though, wouldn't it be better to separate the UI stuff out
of the main Beagle package? That way Beagle would just provide the
daemon/client libraries - and we could have beagle-search for GTK and
Beagle UI for KDE (whatever that is called) as individual modules.

This would save us from using a lot of hacks that we currently have to


On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 19:42 -0500, D Bera wrote:
> Hey all,
>   I did a beautiful thing today :) Yup, the subject says it all -
> added a Qt GUI for beagle-settings. You will need Qyoto [1] to build
> it, most distributions already include it (or will soon include it
> since KDE4 has released).
>   To build it, pass --enable-qt to ./configure. Run it as
> "beagle-settings-qt". I used the qt-designer to create the UI, its in
> the tools/beagle-settings-qt.ui file. The minimal amount of code
> needed to actually load and save the settings is in
> tools/SettingsQt.cs.
>   The "autostart search service at logon" option is disabled since I
> would need the KDE C# bindings for that which is not yet complete.
> Enjoy,
> - dBera
> [1]

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