beagle IPTC crawling question

Hi all,

I searched the list archives and didn't find anything related to this yet.

I am using googles picasa to manage my image collection.  I have been adding "keywords" to the images in the picasa interface, and inspection after the fact shows that the keywords are being stored as IPTC data in the image.  For instance, one image with the keywords "cindy" and "swatch" has this for IPTC data (found using exiv2 pr -p i <imagename>):

Iptc.Application2.0x0075                     String    152  <hellostamp>

Iptc.Application2.Contact                    String     82  <picasastamp>

Iptc.Application2.Keywords                   String      6  cindy
Iptc.Application2.Keywords                    String      7  swatch

Now, Beagle does not pick up either of those two keywords at all.

However, importing that image into F-Spot, then exiting the program will produce a hit in beagle on one of the keywords correctly.

Is this something that is known?  Is there perhaps some way to address this, or has it already been fixed?


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