[ANNOUNCE] Nemo 0.2.0 released


We're very pleased to announce a new version of Nemo. Nemo is the
first software to support the new standard Xesam[1], for talking to
desktop search servers. In this release we have only tested the Xesam
interface against the beagle xesam adaptor (version 0.2 with the
following patches required[2]) but it should work against all
complying servers. The performance compared to tracker has been a lot
better because of the improved way one can query data. Tracker is
slated to support Xesam in the next major release. Furthermore the
indexing performance has been improved a lot and a dialog has been
added to the tray to monitor the progress.

Please use the newly created mailing list[3] for reporting
feedback/bugs/wishes. Thanks!

[1]: http://www.xesam.org
[2]: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/dashboard-hackers/2008-January/msg00021.html
[3]: http://groups.google.com/group/codename-nemo

Anders Rune Jensen

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