Re: Beagle's scope

Hi Kevin,

> 1. RDF Store.  I know that the Beagle++ folks had integrated an RDF
> store into their Beagle modifications.  Are there any plans for Beagle
> proper to include an RDF store?  Or does this belong under a separate
> project?  If Beagle will incorporate its own RDF store, should an
> external application (such as Dashboard) be able to add things to
> Beagle's RDF store or should it maintain its own RDF store?
Actually, there are plans for Beagle to add some RDF to it, but it is
more like an (experimental) RDF view on the Lucene indices. So it is not
a pure and native RDF store. I think, even if it would be feasable to
store RDF into that "view", it should not be done or become best
practice. Once the first external application starts to use Beagle as an
RDF store, other applications may follow. I think, this is not Beagle's

The external application should either use a native RDF store running
locally as a server, or it may maintain its own store and expose an
query interface as Beagle's RDF view. Then, all those application
specific RDF stores, as well as the central native store can be queried
by applications in a distributed (local) fashion.

Enrico M.

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