Re: suggest: make searches efficient

Hi dBera,

>   So I ask you for suggestions, how to make searches efficient ?
though Beagle already arranges results into groups of types (Documents,
EMails, Images, ...), it already displays the results inside these
groups, so that the user may have to scroll down to find the actual
interesting group. What if the first thing being shown are the groups /
types of results, along with the number of hits:
|                                                        |
|      [Icon Docs]   [Icon EMails]  [Icon Images]        |
|       (3 hits)       (20 hits)     (124 hits)          |
|                                                        |
and after selecting a group only the results of this one are shown
below. So the first thing you see is in which section of your desktop
you have hits. So you would not need to specify the type in the query
but can select from the matching ones without being overwhelmed by the

Another way is give information where the hits match the query, e.g. if
in the subject or the title, the author field or the Text. This is
similar to the facated view pointed to by Mikkel, recently.

Firstly, for this Beagle would need to extract the Lucene field that
matches the query (difficult when the all field is searched), secondly,
different filters should use the same field names for the same kind of
metadata (the existing beagle ontology issue), and finally, for the
field names there need to be a mapping between the beagle field name and
a natural language label (even in different languages).

Enrico M.

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