Beagle's scope


I've been working on some Dashboard design stuff lately and wanted to
see whether a couple of these components fit under the purview of
other projects.

1. RDF Store.  I know that the Beagle++ folks had integrated an RDF
store into their Beagle modifications.  Are there any plans for Beagle
proper to include an RDF store?  Or does this belong under a separate
project?  If Beagle will incorporate its own RDF store, should an
external application (such as Dashboard) be able to add things to
Beagle's RDF store or should it maintain its own RDF store?

2. Indexing of web apps data.  Should Beagle index only desktop/local
data or should it also index data from web apps?  For example, should
Beagle (using web APIs) index my Google Docs?


--Kevin Godby

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