cool idea: show browsing profile

Hey folks,
  I missed a tool to show me my browsing profile (which pages I
visited, in which order, how did I jump from one page to another ...
usual data mining stuff). And then I realised beagle already has all
this data but there is no application to use this data. Dang!

We keep talking about searching using beagle but there are so many
cool data mining things that can be done with all the data extracted
from different sources (some of them are even correlated across

So how is the data stored for this particular case ? The firefox
extension stores the webpage url, the time it was visited and the
referrer, if any. It should not be hard to build an app which tells me
which pages I visited in a certain time range and which pages I went
from there or how did I arrive at that page. Personally I would be
happy even with a command line (or ncurses (*)) based app; but a GUI
is always nice.

So ... any takers :) ?

- dBera

(*) Mono.Curses ... anyone ?
PS: As it turns out such a tool would not have been too useful for me
today since I use Konqueror and the Konqueror backend pulls out the
pages from the disk cache. The disk cache unfortunately does not store
the referrer. Argh...

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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