Re: Getting started with beagle

Hi Dirk,

> I've been keeping a close eye on the beagle project for the last few
> months or so and I want to play around with the project.
> Is there a nice IDE to use? I know about monodevelop, but I don't know
> if that's the best route to go? Can someone please give some advice as
> where to start and what to use.

There is no monodevelop or IDE related project files included in
beagle and most people developing beagle use the usual command line
tools to work on beagle. But some people managed to use beagle using
monodevelop or other IDEs; you might be able to find a monodevelop
project file if you search carefully (there was an email long time
back about this).

About where to start, you can start at any of the components of
beagle. There are several included in beagle and then there are other
libraries and apps using beagle. Within beagle directly, there are
Filters (plugins which parse different file formats), Backends
(plugins which gets parsable data from files, emails, browsing history
etc), Tiles (plugins used by beagle-search to display different types
of search results), QueryDrivers (plugins which queries other search
providers on the fly like google or bugzilla). And of course there are
the core components which tie up these things. See for details on these.

Other components are the web-interface, small GUIs for settings etc, C
and language bindings. There are some parallel efforts in a beagle-rdf
branch (providing an RDF interface for beagle) (should be some more,
cant remember now).

Some of the outstanding tasks are listed in

Choose your cut. Feel free to ask questions and/or share your
thoughts. Usually its easier to write new Tiles or Filters; those are
the easiest things (Filters was my first contribution).

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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