Re: beagled-helper maxing out CPU core

See below...accidentally sent to wrong mailing list.

Sandy Armstrong wrote:
Arun Raghavan wrote:
2008/8/13 Sandy Armstrong <sanfordarmstrong gmail com>:
My newer beagled-helper process finally starting spinning my CPU.  Sure
enough I found an offending *.a2w file (these are Alice [1] world files, or
something...I've never really played much with Alice since the day I
downloaded it).

On this .a2w file, beagle-extract-content hangs, eating all available CPU:

After that exception it continues to churn; on other .a2w files,
beagle-extract-content quits after the exception (like in my last email,
with the file in /tmp).

I'm going to exclude my Alice directory from Beagle for now...let me know if
you'd like me to test anything else.
Do let us know if this solves the issue. If it does, could you file a
bug with a sample file?

It can take several hours for beagled-helper to have problems; I'll let you know if I have any further issues. For the .a2w issue, I've filed a bug here:


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