Re: help for Beagle

> > Indeed, I have moved the folder .beagle (manually) from my /home directory
> > to some other network directory where I have more spcae.
> > /sanssauvegarde/homes/bzohni/beagle_ind
> > Current roots:
> >  - Your home directory

If BEAGLE_HOME is set, _it_ becomes the home-directory. If you only
want to move the .beagle directory, you can use

> > All results of the search command (using the GUI) were comming from the
> > directory /sanssauvegarde/homes/bzohni/research. And no answers were
> coming
> > from the other two directories (my home directory or from
> > /usr/local/reserach.)

This could be a result of several bugs. Somehow the roots are being
ignored. In our language "probably the filesystem backend is not
working _at all_".

> > Now, I have denied this static index ( I don't know if one have to use
> > static index for each folder?) and therefore, results are comming only
> from
> > conversations and email attachements.

If static-index are built with --recursive (beagle-build-index
--recursive), then you do not need to use a static-index for each

> > I remarked also that, when I shutdown the beagle, I can see the beagle and
> > beagle-helper using the command ps -u username|beagle (is this normal)?

Nops. That could happen with 0.2.x (actually completely fixed with
0.3.4 + mono-1.9). And if you see multiple beagle (or beagle-helper)
processes, then more things can go wrong. You best option is to kill
-9 the processes. Unfortunately 0.2.6 didnt have the
index-self-healing feature, so there is a slight probability that the
index will be left in a corrupted state on kill -9 and the index has
to be rebuilt.

> I strongly suggest you update to a newer version of Beagle (the
> current version is 0.3.5). The older versions were not very mature,
> and had bugs. The 0.3 series has several bug fixes and performance
> improvements.

I agree with Nirbheek.
OTOH, you have another option since you are already using StaticIndexes.
Build a static index for each "root" and just use static indexes. Pass
"--deny-backend Files" to beagled to _not_ start the FileSystem
backend (to index BEAGLE_HOME/HOME and other roots). This is more
predictable and less prone to errors; it also has a lesser chance of
being corrupted if killed with kill -9.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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