Re: need help with testing: GMail live search

> > Okay I have this running on Fedora 8 using Beagle 0.3.5 - it seems to
> > work but the plaintext password thing, please tell me that will be
> > replaced with gnome-keyring integration (yeah I know that sucks for KDE
> > users but till we get a DE independant way to store these that is the
> > best idea I have for safely storing the password and having it unlocked
> > with the users session for the beagle process only).
> Yes, I have already received objections on that front :-(. I had that in
> mind too ... but there are a couple of limitations:
> - Requiring either gnome keyring or kde wallet support. Though I mildly
> prefer the but it is hard to use from C# as their C# bindings are
> incomplete. - I can avoid by asking the password directly but to get input
> from the user I need to show a dialog box - the daemon should not require X
> to run

How to say this, I shamelessly ditched my Gnome mates and added KDE Wallet 
support :P. Well... "dcop kded kwalletd readPassword <wallet-id> beagle 
dbera web gmail com" turned out to be a perfectly command-line way to get the 
password from KDE Wallet :-).

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE / Mandriva / Inspiron-1100

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