need help with testing: GMail live search

Hey folks,
	I wanted to see how a live GMail search "backend" will work so here is one. 
It just queries GMail IMAP server directly for searching. I need some help 
with testing. So if you are interested in helping out and you are not behind 
a proxy or anything, please read on.

1. Get this and unzip :

2. Copy *.dll.* to /usr/lib/beagle/Backends/ directory
3. Copy *.xml to /etc/beagle/config-files/ directory

4. $ beagle-config GoogleBackends GMailSearchEnabled true
5. $ beagle-config GoogleBackends GMailUsername gmail-user-name gmail com
6. $ beagle-config GoogleBackends GMailPassword password
(Yes, its stored in plaintext in ~/.beagle/config/GoogleBackends.xml)
6.a Searches by default the folder INBOX, to search other folders (labels), 
use the GMailSearchFolder option of GoogleBackends

7. Verify that the binary file is registered correctly
$ beagle-info --list-backends
(should list GMailSearch)

8. beagled --fg --indexing-delay 0 --backend GMailSearch
9. $ beagle-query query_preferably_with_few_results

10. Should work with beagle-search too, but I cant access my Gnome VM right 

Thanks in advance,
- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE / Mandriva / Inspiron-1100

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