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> I have two questions concerning beagle-query:
> 1. I read your FAQs on beagle-project and noticed, that it is "not well
> implemented" to search within a given (sub-) path, I'd just like to know,
> if this will be implemented in future? Although I understand, that you will
> remove the boundaries between directories, I think this feature would be
> very useful.

Currently searching among all files within a directory is possible but not 
within any subdirectories under that directory. Use like 
this "inuri:name_of_dir" or "inuri:file:///full/path/of/dir". In the former 
case all directories with the given name are searched. (*)

There is a long term plan to support searching under any directory, 
recursively including subdirectories but I dont see it getting implemented in 
the near future. The reason is it will involve a significant redesign of some 

> 2. beagle-query *.gif --stats-only tells me, that there are 1596 gifs in my
> indexed folders - With beagle-query *.gif --max-hits I can get as many hits
> as required - however: is there a possibility to specify a kind of
> "offset", i.e. "please give me 25 more hits, starting from hit 100" to
> implement some paging-mechanism (for browsing)?  Apart from --stats-only,
> is there an option to get the total matches plus the hits matching the
> query?

No, pagination is not supported and is unlikely to be implemented anytime 
soon. Pagination can be done by applications using the BeagleClient API; 
doing it on the beagled side will involve more or less the same steps so we 
left it out.

The total matches is always returned, regardless of --stats-only. It is 
definitely there in BeagleClient API. If you are referring to beagle-query, 
the last set of hits should be followed/preceeded by a line saying how many 
total results were found.

- dBera

(*) I might have forgotten to add this to the wiki.

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE / Mandriva / Inspiron-1100

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