Re: Beagle and KTorrent

Ok, thank you very much for your investigation.

I'll try to look into KTorrent source myself, but my programming skill
is probably too low to solve this problem. Maybe I'll contact KTorrent
developers a little bit later.

2007/10/20, Debajyoti Bera <dbera web gmail com>:
> > I noticed it with top. beagle-helper was using CPU. Then I decided to
> > see what exactly does it index now. I used beagle-status for it.
> > There's nothing interesting in there. If you think its important, I'll
> > copy a part of beagle-status output here.
> No thats fine. I confirmed that with ktorrent, beagle with continuously index
> data, even those which are already downloaded. Its the same case with azereus
> and maybe other torrent clients
> > Yes, now I presume that it's more KTorrent bug than Beagle. But I'd
> > really like to hear any suggestions on why this bug exists and if it
> > could be fixed easily by editing ktorrent's way of opening files.
> Yes it could be fixed if ktorrent (and other apps) did not needlessly open
> files RW but open them in read-only mode if only reading is needed. This
> requires some effort in these torrent apps, thus I doubt if they will fix it.
> Still... its worth a try.
> - dBera
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Andrey Melentyev
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