Re: Beagle and KTorrent

I noticed it with top. beagle-helper was using CPU. Then I decided to
see what exactly does it index now. I used beagle-status for it.
There's nothing interesting in there. If you think its important, I'll
copy a part of beagle-status output here.

Yes, now I presume that it's more KTorrent bug than Beagle. But I'd
really like to hear any suggestions on why this bug exists and if it
could be fixed easily by editing ktorrent's way of opening files.

2007/10/19, Debajyoti Bera <dbera web gmail com>:
> > I've noticed that Beagle reindexes files that are currently in use by
> > KTorrent. Not only those which are incomplete, but also those, which
> > are already downloaded and now they are just seeded. As I understand,
> > while files are seeded they do not change, so why should Beagle
> > reindex them?
> How did you notice the "re-indexing" of already downloaded files ? Something
> in the log files ? In that case can you paste some sample lines, unlikely but
> there might be something there. Could also be a ktorrent bug ... ?
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