Re: Beagle and KTorrent

Hmm. I understand this in the download case, but I'm curious mostly
about "upload" one. While seeding the files that are seeded do not
change. They are only read. As I understand, the situation it the
1) torrent client (KTorrent) is seeding the file(s). They are already
downloaded and shouldn't be changed anymore.
2) someone wants to download a part of the file, so torrent client
opens the file (it really should be opened r/o, but who knows how it
is realized)
3) some kernel mechanism called inotify informs beagled that file was changed
4) beagled adds a new task to the scheduler to re-index this file

So we can presume that there are two available reasons of incorrect
(in my opinion) re-indexing of unchanged files:
- torrent client doesn't open file read-only and inotify correctly
informs beagled about file change. The reason is torrent client bad
- torrent client opens file read-only but for some strange reason
beagle's inotify watch tells beagled that the file was changed.

I've looked through the beagle source to find out how it uses inotify
and in beagled/FileSystemQueryable/InotifyBackend.cs I found the
following lines:

			try {
				watch = Inotify.Subscribe (path, inotify_callback,
							   | Inotify.EventType.Delete
							   | Inotify.EventType.CloseWrite
							   | Inotify.EventType.MovedFrom
							   | Inotify.EventType.MovedTo);


So the first reason becomes much more possible than the second. This
lines mean something like "re-index files that are created or deleted
or moved or rewritten" as I understand.

My new questions are: are my assumptions right? Can modification of
torrent client source code change this behavior?

Sorry for such a long post and thanks in advance.

2007/10/19, Kevin Kubasik <kevin kubasik net>:
> Unfortunetly, beagle is doing exactly what its supposed to, that is,
> noticing and acting every time a file changes, the problem really just
> comes when applications (like some bittorrent clients) are constantly
> modifying a file. The best solution is to just have your download
> directory excluded by beagle.
> On 10/19/07, Andrey Melentyev <rikz yandex ru> wrote:
> > I'm using Beagle 0.2.18 with mono- and Kerry frontend under
> > Gentoo Linux. My /home filesystem is ext3 with user_xattr enabled.
> > Support for inotify is turned on in kernel.
> > I've noticed that Beagle reindexes files that are currently in use by
> > KTorrent. Not only those which are incomplete, but also those, which
> > are already downloaded and now they are just seeded. As I understand,
> > while files are seeded they do not change, so why should Beagle
> > reindex them?
> >
> > I wonder if it is some kind of a bug, or a misconfiguration from my
> > side. And how can I change this behavior except adding certain
> > directories to Beagle exclude list.
> >
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