Best way of using Beagle to index data CDs

Please direct me to the right mailing list if this isn't the
appropriate one for things like this.  There doesn't seem to be a
dashboard-users mailing list.

I would like to use Beagle to index my data CDs.  I figured that
static indexes was the way to go, but I haven't quite determined the
best way of doing it.  My initial idea was to create an index for each
CD, so that I could simply remove the index associated with a CD if I
threw out the CD.  But then I started worrying about using hundreds of
static indexes.  My idea then was to merge the static indexes into a
master index that I could rebuild whenever an index was added or
removed, using $(beagle-manage-index merge).

Does this make sense?  Does anyone have a better suggestion?

Also, I figured that I wanted to add an attribute to each file indexed
in this way that says what CD it is on, for example, 'disc:N', where N
is an integer.  There doesn't seem to be a way of doing this yet with
beagle-build-index.  Is this something that would be interesting to
see as a patch, or are user-defined attributes outside the scope of


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