sqlite2 suport removed

Hi folks,
  (There is an important note for Ubuntu users at the end)
  Eventually beagle would be moved to use the newer Mono.Data.Sqlite
[1] bindings instead of the Mono.Data.SqliteClient that we currently
used. The downside is that we can no longer use sqlite-2 for storing
our internal data as well as reading f-spot sqlite-2 databases
(digikam db already uses sqlite-3). F-Spot already uses sqlite-3
whenever possible, so the only failure will happen with an old f-spot
database created using sqlite-2.

  Anyway, as a first step towards that, I removed support for sqlite-2
from our build scripts and code. beagle absolutely needs sqlite3 > 3.3
now to build. Till now beagle supported both the versions, so if the
internal databases in your beagle data were made by sqlite-2, they
will be automatically deleted and created afresh with sqlite3. This
might lead to automatic reindexing of all data. If you are really
really using trunk, then you must have gotten used to this complete
re-indexing every once in a while, haven't you ;-) ?

  The migration from Mono.Data.SqliteClient to Mono.Data.Sqlite will
happen in near future. I will keep you updated.

Note to Ubuntu users: Recently we tracked down a bug which can happen
when a user moves from sqlite2 to sqlite3 and uses EvolutionMail.
Gutsy users are vulnerable to this bug, which will cause an eternal
cycle of exceptions trying to index evolution mail. We patched it as
soon we detected the problem but we missed the Gutsy freeze timeline
by a few hours ... Alas that means, keep an eye open for a beagle
update or remove ~/.beagle/Indexes/EvolutionMailQueryable/Summary*.db.
There is a launchpad bug open with the patch (dont have the number
right now).

- dBera

[1] http://www.mono-project.com/SQL_Lite

Debajyoti Bera @ http://dtecht.blogspot.com
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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