Re: GSoC Weekly Report


On 10/16/07, Debajyoti Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> > > What to do with our local changes to Mono.Data.SqliteClient ? I always
> > > get confused with them. Dont even know what are those changes and why are
> > > they there :-/ (it has something to with threading and locking) ?
> >
> > The work done locally was mainly for memory usage reasons.  IIRC, the
> > upstream bindings pull all of the results into memory at once, whereas
> > our locally modified ones do so only as needed.  I don't think
> > threading/locking was ever an issue -- you might be confusing it with
> > the fact that we couldn't use early sqlite 3.x versions because of
> > broken policy in the library to that effect.
> Probably you are right. I still had to verify ...
> beagle:/source=mind?query=sqlite+beagle+lock
>         returned nothing :-D
> but google returned,
> which mentions "Lock" ... yay! My faith in my memory is restored ;-)

Indeed you're right, but those changes did get merged upstream.  So
the memory usage I believe is the only outstanding reason.


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