Re: Giant logfile

Hi Debajyoti,

Debajyoti Bera wrote:
> Did you mean all distributions (I know about OpenSUSE and Fedora, maybe Ubuntu 
> also does) know about this and patch the code with a higher loglevel ? I 
> don't think all distributions know about this; even if they do, what purpose 
> does it serve us. Only users who install from source will ever see large 
> logfiles and thereby figure out there is some problem.
A little check here seems to confirm your guess:
The concerned Linux box runs beagle 0.2.17 built by openSUSE Build Service (at
least rpm -qi says so), it was started only with the --bg flag (no --debug
flag !) and it still does produce the large log files.

> What I was suggesting was a way around this: respect the --debug flag and 
> allow turning on the debug during runtime (so that if a user is suspicious of 
> something, debug can be turned on and log file inspected). 
I'd vote for this suggestion.

Kind regards,

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