Re: Giant logfile

> > This is a good question. I am in favour of turning off the debug flag
> > in the "release" build (i.e. the installed one). Instead debugging can
> > be turned on when running uninstalled or by using some environment
> > variable. Though debugging helps and some hard to find bugs were found
> > because some users had the debugging enabled, the cost users pay is
> > too much.
> All the major distributions which ship Beagle turn the log level down
> by default; you have to pass --debug into the daemon to override it.
> I'm not a fan of turning it off for releases, 

I was referring to this part:
// FIXME: We always turn on full debugging output!  We are
//still debugging this code, after all... 
//arg_debug ? LogLevel.Debug : LogLevel.Warn,

which basically ignores the --debug. I think it is high time we respect the 
users decision by default.

Did you mean all distributions (I know about OpenSUSE and Fedora, maybe Ubuntu 
also does) know about this and patch the code with a higher loglevel ? I 
don't think all distributions know about this; even if they do, what purpose 
does it serve us. Only users who install from source will ever see large 
logfiles and thereby figure out there is some problem.

What I was suggesting was a way around this: respect the --debug flag and 
allow turning on the debug during runtime (so that if a user is suspicious of 
something, debug can be turned on and log file inspected). That way 
distributions wont have to patch it and we can still ask users for debugging 
information even if they do.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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