Re: Just notice, Kerry/Beagle is a Massive Memory Hog


On 10/13/07, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> > That is a total of 14 and I using over 300 Megs for beagle. (ouch)
> You are lucky that 14 instances are using only 300 Megs - thats about
> "20" Megs a piece. Normally instances are about 30 Meg each.

It's also not a very accurate representation of the amount of memory
that's actually being used.  If you're looking at the VSIZE column,
well, it's a lie. :)  And while the RSS column is closer, it still
doesn't take into account memory that's shared between processes,
which Mono apps use quite a bit.

A tool like exmap or smap will give you a lot more accurate numbers of
memory usage.  ps or top are only good for very basic diagnostics,
like if you have a (single instance of an) app using a ton of memory.

I'm not denying that there's a bug here -- certainly why you have 14
instances of it running is puzzling -- but memory usage is often
misunderstood on Linux.


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