I followed the development of dashboard with great intrest a couple of
years back.
 I located the google code page for dashboard, which listed theese
things to be done:

* libdashboard - Or as its better known, a C library that generates
valid, parseable clues. This is not only critical since most plugin
authors aren't going to want to spend the time validating that mono
can deserialize all their XML. But because we can generate bindings
for most every other language once we have them in C.

* Real Bug/Performance Testing/Fixing - This is a huge one, Dashboard
is still pre-alpha, and mostly proof of concept. While the code base
could be brought up to production level, it needs tons of cleanup.
This is where an army of open source dev's can help the most, compile
and install dashboard from SVN, then just play with it, and every time
it crashes, track down why, and try to make it sane. This is long,
slow, tedious, and thankless work, but it is an absolute necessity if
people want to start using dashboard, as even simple race cases will
crash dashboard most of the time.

* Mappings/Rules - You have to be a little more familiar with the
Beagle/Dashboard code base to help out with this, but we need them for
a huge spread of plugins, and almost everything beagle can

Is there more stuff that have to be done?
Is anybody working on dashboard?


Nils-Erik Svangård
E-Mail: nilserik gmail com
MSN: nilserik gmail com
Skype: schweingaard
Mobil: +46-(0)70-3612178

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