Re: Nautilus search, memory usage, hidden files, webinterface


On Nov 15, 2007 10:45 PM, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:

> libbeagle API changed in 0.3.0 - the changes were minor but ilbbeagle
> clients need to be rebuilt with (instead of

Oh well. I'll try that. Luckily it's so easy in Ubuntu, so if
rebuilding nautilus against is all it takes, I guess
that's a workaround.

> > 3. Beagle indexes dot-files- and directories. Is this a new feature?
> > Why? Was there a discussion on the list about this?
> Are you sure about this one ? dot-files and directories should not be
> indexed! Do you get those in search results ?

Pretty much so. I thought it was very strange. For obvious reasons I
had to create an exclude pattern for ~/.beagle. Still I suspect this
causes some havoc for me.

bh lifebook34:config$ beagle-query i7sfifd9.default
Debug: Done reading conf from /home/bh/.beagle/config/Daemon.xml
Debug: Done reading conf from /etc/beagle/config-files/Daemon.xml

bh lifebook34:config$ cat Daemon.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<BeagleConf xmlns:xsi="";
xmlns:xsd=""; Name="Daemon">
  <BoolOption Name="AllowStaticBackend" Description="Search static
  <ListOption Name="DeniedBackends" Description="Disabled backends"
Params="Backend name" Separator=",">

bh lifebook34:config$ cat FilesQueryable.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<BeagleConf xmlns:xsi="";
xmlns:xsd=""; Name="FilesQueryable">
  <ListOption Name="ExcludePattern" Description="Exclude files
matching these patters" Params="Pattern" Separator=",">
  <ListOption Name="Roots" Description="Root directories that the file
system backend will index" Params="Root" Separator=",">
  <ListOption Name="ExcludeSubdirectory" Description="Exclude files in
this subdirectory" Params="Subdir name" Separator=",">

Thanks for the hints about memory debugging. I'll see if I get time to
look into it.


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