Re: Two ideas - up for adoption


On 11/1/07, Debajyoti Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> (1) GMail indexing: Figure out (reverse-enginneer ?) how gmail-desktop-search
> for linux indexes GMail emails. There is no public API and the usual gmail
> apis on the web are not search friendly. It should be an easy step of dumping
> the internet traffic when a search is performed followed by a harder step of
> finding out what the dump means. (*) All of the above assuming, Google
> doesn't download the emails using POP/IMAP and then index them.

This might be a useful piece of code:

It's already in C#.  Unfortunately it's licensed under the GPL, but
maybe the author would be willing to relicense for us.

Also, Gmail has recently added support for IMAP, so there's always the
ability to index those emails through Evolution, Thunderbird, etc.
Obviously not an ideal solution, but it should work.


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